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- Eleven companies will be participating at the '2017 Robot Big Show'

▲Robo Print's Artbot
The Landscape Design Company that Paints the World, “Robo Print”

RoboPrint ( is featuring the Artbot, which draws murals on the exterior walls of apartment buildings. Artbot is a versatile wall painting robot that can be applied to various kinds of buildings, such as decorating images on large buildings or apartment buildings, and painting designs, which can not only improve a city’s aesthetic but can be useful as an advertising aid. Traditional painting done by humans is extremely dangerous work, but Artbot can be used by remote control, thus eliminating this danger for humans. It also reduces construction time and costs by about 50%.

▲Man&tel's upper rehabilitation robot 3DBD-61
Man&tel, a leader in Robot Rehabilitation Machines

Man&tel ( is a venture company that develops, manufactures and sells rehabilitative medical devices. In order to help patients with their treatment, and give hope to their families, IT-medical convergence products and rehabilitative medical devices are being developed.

Man&Tel will exhibit the 3D stabilizer rehabilitation robot 3DBD-33 and the upper rehabilitation robot 3DBD-61. The trunk stabilization rehabilitation robot is a product for stroke hemiplegic patients. With this product, it is possible to stabilize the patient who is in the sitting position by pushing left/right buttons attached to weight sensors on the chair. The upper limb rehabilitation robot is designed for patients who need rehabilitation of the upper limbs (arm, shoulder). It is equipped with a robotic arm attached to the upper limb robot in a sitting position and is capable of active and passive upper extremity rehabilitation exercises through games. It is a medical device that uses resistance training to rehabilitate through the games. The machine has numerous settings: horizontal plane, slope plane, vertical plane training, active, manual, resistance, auxiliary training, and individualized training program can be set. Arm height adjustment, real-time feedback, and remote support are all possible.

▲Curexo's TSolution One
Global market leader in artificial joint surgery robot 'Curexo'

Curexo Co., Ltd. ( is a specialized medical device company that mainly engages in R & D and sales of Robodoc, an artificial joint surgery robot.
Curexo will feature the artificial joints surgical robot Robodoc, a new product “TSolution One,” the intervention procedure robot “Robin,” walking rehabilitation robot “Morning Walk,” and the patient moving assistant “Carrybot. The artificial joint surgery robot is a high-performance computer that has a mechanism for calculating the position and angle of the bone to accurately pinpoint and remove the affected part of the patient. The robot is able to cut the bone with higher accuracy than a human. T-Solution One is a new product of the joint robot “Robodoc.” A high-performance computer uses CT images of the patient to calculate the cutting position and angle of the area of hip joint, and the doctor using the guidance of the robot, is able to make precise cuts into the affected area, a task that would be difficult with the naked eye.

Morning Walk is a walking rehabilitation robot that helps to rehabilitate patients who, through various diseases or accidents, have difficulty walking. The robot requires no additional equipment and training preparation can be shortened to under 5 minutes. Unlike existing equipment, Morning Walk can implement stairs and slope walking exercises, enabling rehabilitation training closer to real life. Carrybot is a robot that helps carers to move patients comfortably and safely.

▲HMH's ExoWalk
HMH's automation development company

HMH ( develops and manufactures a wide range of products using mechanisms in hospitals and healthcare fields, including the automated blister packing machines, rehabilitation robots for lower limbs, and automated pill dispensing systems.

At the exhibition, HMH will exhibit Exowalk, an exoskeleton-controlled walking and rehabilitation robot. This product was designed as a combination of a wheelchair, constructed and controlled on the basis of a lower-limbs rehabilitation robot. This new product can be used by a severely physically impaired person. It was manufactured solely with domestic technology and certified by an accredited institution, as well as the Korea Food and Drug Administration. It has been tested for usability and has undergone clinical trials by actual users.

The exoskeleton-based robot walking system does not walk in place like the existing robot walking training equipment, but performs the walking training as the patient moves forward. A significant amount of walking training is possible over time (600 or more steps/30 minutes). The drive wheel rotates according to the patient's walking speed and gait and has a long-lasting built-in battery. It is ¼ of the price of traditional exoskeleton walking training robots.

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