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- Eleven companies will be participating at the '2017 Robot Big Show'

▲Airo's MIRO-9.0L
Robot to Fish in the World Underwater Robot Market, “Airo”

Airo Co., Ltd. ( is a robot venture company established in 2014. It developed the world's first Marine Intelligence Robot (MIRO) series of underwater robots and has aspirations to become a world-class hidden champion representing the underwater robot industry. MIRO-9.0L, MIRO-9.0R, an interactive aquarium, robot fish and soccer games are displayed at this publicity hall. The MIRO-9.0L weighs 2.6kg and is equipped with an LED illuminant to provide dazzling visual content, and obstacle-detecting sensors and can move freely up and down, as well as left and right.

The MIRO-9.0R can operate a fish robot in the manual mode by utilizing a dedicated RC device; it can also play a fishing game. The MIRO series was developed with various designs, and customers are able to design their own fish. The interactive aquarium uses three layers to achieve a dimensional aquatic robot multi-media show to show the aquarium fish. This system can independently control the image + music + story at the back screen of the water tank. By using this technology, various new genres of entertainment products such as underwater robots drama can be created.

▲Helper Robotech's Highly Precise Sowing Robots
Helper Robotech, a Leader in Automated Agricultural Robots

Helper Robotech ( is the leader of automated agricultural robots, selected as a world-class product with its development of an automated seeding system and fruit and vegetable grafting robot. At the exhibition, Helper Robotech will display their highly precise sowing robots and paper pot sowing robot systems.

The ultra precise grafting robot combines the grafting branches, using the cutting plane of the rootstock and scion to find the precise location of where the grafting should take place, to within 1/100mm accuracy. A monitor can be used to observe the process, to display the deviation value as well as the deviation value from the monitor screen baseline, to operate based on the deviation value, with precise repetition. It is possible to graft more than 800 trees per hour, and, depending on the skill of the user, up to 900 grafts. 

▲Core Bell's Unmanned Conveyor Vehicles
Various Robot Platforms, from Household to Enterprise, “Core Bell”

CoreBell ( has been working on implementing its location-based service systems and component technologies since its establishment in 2002. Now, based on their positioning technology, they have widened their robotics platform to create and confirm maps, and robots that avoid obstacles to reach their desired destination for use in museums, distribution centers, and private homes.

CoreBell’s exhibit includes the low-form type unmanned conveyor vehicles PSV600 and PSV1000, a forklift-type unmanned conveyor PSV1300FL, and a exhibition commentator robot. The PSV600 (maximum payload capacity of 600kg), PSV1000 (maximum payload capacity of 1000kg) and PSV1300FL (maximum payload capacity of 1300kg) are part of their smart mobile robot (SMR) system based on their autonomous transport technology. The movement of materials and finished products, as well as the inspection process, can be automated with this technology. Quick installation is possible, and because a floor marker is unnecessary, the path can be changed freely. The Expert Exhibition Commentator Robot (Docent) can guide visitors through exhibits in museums and galleries, providing interesting information to visitors. With its ability to identify the exact location of the exhibits based on location recognition technology, it is able to autonomously drive and provide guidance. With the aid of a wireless headset, four simultaneous languages are supported. A fully charged battery will allow 8 to 10 hours of use, with a maximum speed of 1.2km/h.

▲SK Telecom's UO Albert
Smart Coding Robot to Capture the Global Education Market 'SK Telecom'

SK Telecom ( will be showing a new coding robot “UO Albert,” which won the Red Dot Award, one of the top three design awards in the world. It also won the top award for ICT Education in the K-12 category sponsored by the Wharton School, USA. Pilot tests are underway at a French School District and 30 schools, the Inter-American Development Bank and 300 schools in Latin America.

By using the Albert Robot, children can easily learn coding with a coding card, as it supports various devices such as PCs, tablets and kids’ phones. By completing various missions on the device, kids can not only enjoy gaming but also learn coding. In order to promote coding education, this year, at Robotworld 2017, SK Telecom, in collaboration with the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, will be offering a limited number (300 sets) of the “Albert School Package” for the price of KRW 49,900 – down 80% from the regular price of KRW 249,500.


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