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- Eleven companies will be participating at the '2017 Robot Big Show'

“Korea Robotworld 2017” will be exhibiting and demonstrating “2017’s Market-generating Robot Supply Business” in the first exhibition hall at KINTEX from September 13th to the 16th. Partipating at the Public Relations Hall, eleven companies will be participating at the event, which promises to be an excellent opportunity to see these companies’ groundbreaking machines.

Promoted by the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, the market-generating robot supply business has been playing a major role in the expansion of the domestic robot industry, increasing industrial competitiveness, and expanding exports. Within the expectation that the market-generating robot supply business will make up the core of the 4th industrial revolution, in order to create new markets for the robot products, this event marks the stage prior to actual commercialization, in order to show the keen demand for these robots. The robot industry, which has had a weak business foundation, has energized the robot industry as a whole. Small and medium sized robot companies with limited funds have become main players for creating new markets and promoting global commercialization.

For six years, from 2011 to 2016, the market-generating robot supply business has supported 111 projects and has inspected commercialization in more than 1000 test beds in Korea and around the world. It is the representative non-R & D Robot Support business group of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, which supports the industrialization of robot products and services. Through the support of the market-creating robot supply business, they have achieved actual sales of KRW 275.6 billion and exports of KRW 60.6 billion. They have created 1,837 jobs, improved productivity by 55.5%, made quality improvements in 337 cases and reduced costs by KRW 19.6 billion. They have contributed significantly to the growth of the robot industry and small and medium sized businesses. The following is an introduction to the companies and products participating in the 2017 Robot Big Show.

▲Robotro's Delta Robot  
Small high-precision powerhouse delta robot “Robotro”

Robotro ( is a company that produces robot parts and small industrial robots such as servo actuators, motor drivers and motion controllers. A variety of delta robots such as the mini delta robot JRD-U7; small high-precision delta robot JRD-M7; the medium-sized, heavy duty delta robot JRD-S7-400; and the medium-sized, maximum heavy duty delta robot JRD-S7-550 are exhibited. A delta robot (parallel robot) is a limited robot that moves only in a specified direction such as X, Y, Z in a three-dimensional space. However, since it does not require a wide working radius, it is considered the best robot for simple repetitive movements in a confined space.

▲Barotech Synergy's BIMOS-R2 Aircraft Simulator
Aerospace Equipment Control Specialist, Barotech Synergy

Barotech Synergy ( specializes in the development of aerospace equipment control, intelligent robots as well as automation and test equipment based on mechatronics.

At this event, Barotech Synergy will exhibit the BIMOS-R2 and FX-aircraft simulators, designed to be used in preliminary simulation training excercies in KAI and the defense and aviation industries. The BIMOS-R2 simulator adopts a dynamic three-axis motion system, and uses a cockpit skin similar to a real aircraft and a 21.5-degree multifunctional display system. A 3-channel curved monitor was applied to increase the feeling of being immersed. The FX-Aircraft simulator combines both the virtual and reality to allow simulation of a fighter jet and game experience to reflect various real-terrain DBs.

▲RoboLink's Band Robot
Dreaming of a Global Robot Edutainment Company!, “RoboLink”

Robot Edutainment Company RoboLink ( will exhibit their avatar band robot, smart coding, Cubeworks and CoDrone. The avatar band robot is a display robot that automatically moves rhythmically according to the music source and can be used for a variety of events in places such as robot restaurants, exhibition halls, and science museums.

The “Rokit Smart Coding” kit is a two-in-one learning kit for teachers and students to learn about robots and coding by following the detailed online courses in a fun and easy manner. The courses are prepared in a scratch manner that includes coding education curriculum. Cubeworks is an easy to assemble blocks play-set designed to teach the robot structure and and principles of its drive system, giving it a broad appeal. It includes a twin-axis motor and a roll pin that acts as a joint, giving it freer kinetic motion and endless performance, making it ideal for creative play/learning.

RoboLink will also exhibit the world's first coded dragon “CoDrone.” Developed in collaboration with Byrobot, a professional drone manufacturer, this product seeks to fulfil the needs of consumers who want to learn coding through drones.

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